‘I look at my plantation shutters every day and think they are one of the most well-made and well-installed items in the house.  As my mum always said – ‘you can see quality’  Ari

‘My sitting/dining room badly needed a revamp, but I got in a terrible muddle about what to do with it. I had a vague idea of what feel I wanted for the room, but no idea, really, how to achieve it. Amanda arrived and sorted me out! She has a great visual sense and, as I discovered, she’s brilliant at interpreting what you want, what mood you want to achieve, and turning it into reality. Plus she has loads of ideas up her sleeve that I’d never have thought of myself. Little by little, with samples and swatches and pictures she built up a ‘story’ for me and I’m absolutely thrilled with the result. My shabby, old fashioned, cluttered sitting room is now serene, elegant, comfortable and a little bit edgy. Just what I wanted!In my view, paying for professional help is so worth it. Unless you’ve got a fantastic visual sense yourself, it’s easy to make expensive mistakes. Amanda took away all the worry and made the experience fun. She’s great to work with and I thoroughly recommend her services.’ Emma

‘You have the most incredible ability to make others feel positive about things and I cannot remember when last I made decisions so easily.  I put it all down to you and this confidence you instil in others.  So thank you, thank you.  I actually feel so calm about the house and ALL the decisions you co-erced out of me.  What had promised to be a terrifying journey of doubt and insecurity has been a joy.’ Hilary

‘I must thank you once again for your excellent work, as always you have excelled yourself. The girls think its wonderful so happy staff means happy Melanie.’ Melanie

‘We are delighted with the results in the kitchen, dining room and living room. Thank you also for the excellent job you did designing and installing the curtains and blind. The house looks wonderful now, thanks very much’ Mike

‘You are an inspirational designer who saw the potential we couldn’t see in our house. With your vision and help we made internal changes that completely changed the feel of the interior. I was really pleased with the simple and cost effective solution you came up with for the internal doors that I hated. Now the house feels just the way I want it to.’ Caroline

‘Amanda’s help was invaluable – she ‘got’ the feel I wanted really fast and opened my eyes to all kinds of possibilities. Before she got involved I felt stuck and rather ‘down’ about the whole thing – after her help I felt excited and inspired.’ Maddi